About Us

Our History

Truck Freight International (TFI) has specialized in the handling and transportation of bulk commodities for the agricultural industry since its inception in 1998. The grain handling industry has experienced significant changes since that time.  Advances in grain handling technologies, along with the continued increase in size of farming operations has had an impact on grain transportation and logistics. TFI has thrived in this changing environment by provided its customers with solutions to even the most complex logistical challenges.

Professional Experience

TFI’s strength lies in its deep knowledge of bulk handling and the agricultural industry.  Many of our staff and drivers grew up on a farm or have direct experience in agricultural businesses. Most of our drivers have over ten years of experience in bulk hauling, and all employees have the training necessary to ensure the safe handling and delivery of your shipments.

Safety and Service

TFI is one of a select few transport companies that is ISO 22000:2005 certified for Food Safety Management. TFI is also C-TPAT certified, ensuring that your cross border shipments meets all compliance requirements. Training our staff and drivers is a continuous process, and we follow a strict maintenance policy on our fleet. Our office staff receives specialized training for auditing equipment maintenance and food safety management process.